Acoustic Session Cover

Acoustic Session (EP)

Released April 2021


01 Red Zone (Acoustic) Lyrics
02 Imperfect Life (Acoustic) Lyrics
03 Earthquake (Acoustic) Lyrics
04 Take a Bow (Acoustic) Lyrics
05 Weak (Acoustic) Lyrics

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Flesh Contagium Cover

Flesh Contagium (Original Soundtrack)

Released February 2021


01 Vera Unchained
02 Mutants Arrival
03 Escape
04 Ornella’s First Kill
05 Melody of a Corrupt Love
06 No Mercy
07 Udolfo Violates Ornella
08 Udolfo Violates Ornella (Reprise)
09 Blossom of a Tainted Bond
10 Vera Freaks Out
11 Ornella Feeds the Creature
12 Vera Spies on Them
13 Getting Fresh Food
14 Kinslayers
15 Melody of a corrupt love (Reprise)
16 Creature's Rebellion
17 Vera’s Litany
18 Udolfo's Theme
19 Ornella Dies
20 Mutants
21 A New Beginning
22 Dirge
23 Rise of the Enlightened (Flesh Contagium) Lyrics
24 Mutants Reconnaissance


Rise of the Enlightened Cover

Rise of the Enlightened (Flesh Contagium) (single)

Released December 2020


01 Rise of the Enlightened (Flesh Contagium) Lyrics

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Basement's Glare Cover

Basement's Glare (EP)

Released June 2020


01 Weak Lyrics
02 (im)Perfect Life Lyrics
03 Take a Bow Lyrics
04 Earthquake Lyrics

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Red Zone Cover

Red Zone (single)

Released March 2020


01 Red Zone Lyrics

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