Basement's Glare

The project began shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic exploded. Following the restrictions caused by the imposed isolation, Basement's Glare have recorded and released their first single, Red Zone, which deals directly with the issue of social distancing and its consequences. Subsequently, the duo decided to complete the recordings of the eponymous EP as previously scheduled, working mostly remotely. Basement's Glare are composed by Riccardo Adamo and Daniele Marinelli as stable members, and by various session musicians. The collaboration turned out to be so fruitful and satisfying that the duo decided to cement it, opening musical horizons and making Basement's Glare an all-round musical project, with no limits of musical genre or intended use.

The year 2021 started with the publication of the official soundtrack of the film Flesh Contagium, then the release of Acoustic Session, a version revisited in an acoustic key and with a string quintet of the previously released songs. Basement's Glare are currently working on the production of their next album.

Riccardo Adamo

He approached singing as a child and, over the years, his passion for music has led him to get closer to musicals and then to opera singing. He studied singing at the "Francesco Morlacchi" Conservatory of Music in Perugia, where he also attended two years the Composition course. The study of singing was always accompanied by a deepening also in contemporary music (both singing and composing), ranging from pop to metal and facing different styles and techniques. Always keeping "one foot on the stage", he began his career as a manager for opera singers, following numerous names of international scene and collaborating with the opera agency DM Artist Management. At the same time, he advised the opera production agency IME Productions. In the end the call of singing was stronger and he decided to go back to being a full time artist.

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Daniele Marinelli

Guitarist, sound engineer and arranger, he graduated in classical guitar in 2013 with excellent marks at the "Francesco Morlacchi" Conservatory of Music in Perugia (Italy). He attended several master classes held by the Maestros Enea Leone and Oscar Ghiglia from 2009 to 2015. Since 2010 he has performed many concerts in Italy collaborating with the Maestros Luca Maria Burocchi, Matteo Parretta, Christian El Khouri and Enea Leone.Since 2007 he has been part of several musical groups including OGM Orchestra Geneticamente Modificata, Disequilibrium, The Travel, Almas, ElliAcousticDuo. He also performed concerts with Maestro Bernardo Lanzetti and with the singer-songwriter Antonio Calabrese, aka Ulisse. He has collaborated with some record labels including Brilliant Classics, Stradivarius, Passacaille.

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