video of (im)Perfect Life is out

The video of (im)Perfect Life is out! But we didn't just shoot our video parts: we made a new mix, with instruments recorded anew! Check our YouTube Channel to watch it!

New vocal lines

Since it's not allowed to play live yet, let's try some new vocals in studio...

Recensione Rockit

We're already working on some juicy stuff... No pandemic will stop us!

Recensione Rockit

Many thanks to Rockit and Sergio Sciambra for the review of our EP!

Grazie a Rockit e a Sergio Sciambra per la recensione del nostro EP!

Here it is (it's in Italian) / Eccola qui

Musicians are workers, and the music industry involves many professionals. Professionals with which, at this moment, the Italian government is carelessly dealing. Basement's Glare join the campaign to support music workers, so that we can receive the attention we deserve!

I musicisti sono lavoratori, e il mondo della musica coinvolge moltissimi professionisti. Professionisti dei quali, in questo momento, il Governo italiano si sta occupando distrattamente. I Basement's Glare si uniscono alla campagna a sostegno dei lavoratori della musica, affinché possiamo ricevere l'attenzione che meritiamo!

21 giugno festa #senzamusica #iolavoroconlamusica

Basement's Glare is out!

Today's the day! Our EP is out worldwide, you can find it in every online store for listening and purchase. We are beyond excited to finally be able to share our new songs with you all and we’re eager to know your thoughts about it!

It's a wrap

Recording: done!
Mixing: done!
Mastering: done!
We are almost ready to share the music we have worked hard on. Stay tuned!
Check out our YouTube Channel!

Guitar recordings

How is this quarantine going for you? We keep on working hard to serve you our music asap!

Red Zone single cover

We are really in love with the cover of our single Red Zone, drawn by the amazing @maelia.ill and we can't wait to collaborate with her again... which could already be in the making 🤔🤔🤔


There's no rest for the bravest musicians!

We'll blow your mind with our symphonic metal!

Recording the vocals

Recordings for our new music keep going on... Can't wait to share it with you!

Recording the guitars

To have the guitars of our @daniele_marinelli1986 sounding at their best, we only choose the best!

Recording Studio

#stayathome while we work to bring you our brand new music!